1. The Company recognises that it may receive complaints from customers, and others, in a variety of forms and via contact with any member of staff. The person responsible for handling complaints is named in Appendix B. Any complaint, however received is passed to this person.
  1. The complainant is asked to provide details of their complaint in writing, but the complaint is logged and investigated irrespective of whether this is the case. Complaints are recorded on the Complaints Spreadsheet [Complaints.xls]. The spreadsheet identifies the complainant, the date logged, a summary of the complaint, a summary of any investigation findings, an indication of the outcome, and a summary of any action taken to resolve the complaint if it was upheld.
  1. The Company recognises the reputation damage that can arise from unresolved complaints and handles all complaints as promptly as possible. Where relevant, complaints are handled in line with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Scheme.
  1. If the Certification Body or the Consumer Protection Scheme asks the company to investigate and resolve a complaint that has been lodged with them, the procedure above is followed and the outcome fed back to the person who asked for the investigation.
  1. If the Certification Body or the Consumer Protection Scheme has a complaint about the Company that they are investigating, the Company will cooperate fully with that investigation.
  1. All correspondence associated with complaints is retained in the location(s) identified in Appendix C.