Domestic & Commercial EV Charger

Charge your car at home in around 5 – 6 hours with a 7.4/7kW chargepoint. We can install chargers for all car types. Please contact us for further information

PV Solar

With the cost of soaring energy prices why not consider having solar panels installed? We are MCS approved. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme ensures that solar panel installers in the UK work to a high standard, thus protecting consumers.

How much does solar cost?

Solar panels usually cost around £1,250-1,750 per kwp installed, depending on roof access costs, roof covering and pitch. A standard domestic 4kwp system will cost around £6,500.
As 4kwp typically saves around £400 per year on energy bills, the payback time is around 15 years. These figures are a guide but it appears installing solar panels are a good investment