Imagine being able to turn the lights off in your home or put your central heating on from wherever you are in the world. This can all be done with a Smart Home System. Contact us for more information

Home Automation


Create a different mood throughout the house with one touch of your mobile


Not at home? Are you expecting a parcel or your food shop delivery? Your doorbell rings and sends a notification to your mobile phone. You will be able to see and hear who is at the door. You can ask the delivery driver to leave the parcel in a secure place. Tap your mobile phone and your items will be locked away.


How would you like your blinds to go up and down automatically from dusk until dawn? They will recognise the whereabouts of the sun and will alter accordingly to avoid the room from overheating

Energy Monitoring and Management

Tap your phone to switch of the lights and turn on the burglar alarm

Heating and Ventilation

Control the temperature of a room with your mobile phone.

Music and Multimedia

Slimline speakers are built into the house. You can be surrounded by different types of music in different rooms.

Safety and Security

If movement is detected the audio system starts playing, the lights start flashing and the blinds go up and down. Enough to deter an intruder.

Smart homes